About Her

Hi! I'm Felicia Setiawan,woman in her early twenties living in Nanjing,China but soon to have nomadic life after my graduation in June 2017. Indonesian in nationalities,born and lived there for 18 years before moved to China in 2013 persuing Bachelor degree in International Trade&Economics as my major. Started as strangers but end up as a little sixth floor family along with my girlfriends who coincidentally foods and diet enthusiast,often brainstrom together how to stay slim while eating delicious foods. 

Vivi,Ella,me and Angel

Used to weight around 160 pounds but managed to slim down to 134 pounds (my current weight) in a span of 4 years and the journey has not ended yet. "Jesus has given me a privillage to breath and live another life,what's the use of it if I'm not using it to my maximal potential?" With that thoughts,I started to take care of myself physically,mentally and spiritually. Falling in love with Zumba along the way and found it as effective exercise for me. 

Not really a dominant woman but there is feminist inside me along with my principal to be positive and smile like an idiot no matter what happen in my life. If life gives you lemon,make a lemonade!